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It's not always an easy task carrying the right product line. That's why we have decided to have a selection with which we can cover most areas of use. We work in products of innovative manufacturers and products that aren't just trendy for a while but have stood the test of time and are backed by a great sense of quality.

Of course we test or use the bikes ourselves in order to be able to be able to judge their handling and quality.

The PRICE bikes assembled in Uster with their discrete styling convince through their unbeatable value for your money. In spite of a considerable "à la carte" system - you can choose the color, basic components, gear shifting, wheels, etc. - your new PRICE bike will be ready for carefree outings after a short delivery time.

CANNONDALE repeatedly start the bike scene with innovative ideas which they are able to establish in the market. For example the lefty fork, headshock, hi-mod carbon frame, flash lightweight mountain bike and much more.
Not to be forgotten are the classic bad boy, the urban bike of the first hour ... still current and unique.

Giovanni Pinarello, or "Nani" as his friends call him, was born in Catena di Villorba on the 10th July, 1922 during a difficult post-war period in Italy.  His love for two wheels and an innate gift as an indomitable fighter, led him to pursue a career in cycling. The young Nani winning over 60 races and the tender age of 20 won "la Popolarissima" in Treviso, an important race in the Dilettanti circuit (a level of racing which opens doors to being a Professional)

After his cycling years Nani opening a small bike workshop in order to build his own bicycles. This was born in 1953 in Treviso and Cicli Pinarello.

BMC thinks global and acts Swiss. At its site in Grenchen, to be precise, the home of Swiss watches that are the embodiment of Swiss precision. This precision and attention to detail is also reflected in our bikes.  We build and develop bikes. And not just any bikes. BMC builds unique bikes. You could even say that you'd still be able to recognize a BMC even if you took away the colors and the name from the frame. The design of the BMC has a language all of its own. Light years away from the interchangeability of today's market

Argon 18 develops and engineers high-end bikes in Canada using state-of-the-art technology. Behind their sleek and innovative designs, you'll find superior handling and aerodynamics so that you can give your best performance and enjoy the ride.

Design. Innovation. Performance. Argon 18 bikes.

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